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Everyone has such days, when there is a special challenge: exam, important presentation, proposal. How to help people in such a difficult situation?

We can tell, «You are not alone». Because if you know that someone has already decided to do something brave, it is easier to overcome your fears and tell yourself, «You can do everything».


During the campaign «You are not alone!» there was launched 22 surveys with 75 267 unique respondents. Users were divided into 6 segments. They were asked the questions with some challenge for them and overcoming themselves. After that, results with motivating CTA appeared on full screens (video banners) in Wi-Fi system of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Users could see the results of surveys on the landing page of WiFi.

The advertising campaign was also strengthened by social networks (Facebook, VKontakte) as well as outdoor ads.


> 22 questions asked
> 250 000 users answered these questions
> 30 000 000 users total project reach