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Creating an image campaign to support the brand’s commercial, in which the famous cooking blogger bakes her favorite cupcakes.


We realized that everyone has their signature dish. So why won’t we give consumers an opportunity to try on their personal culinary crown?

We created a virtual kingdom, in which different castles represent different food categories: breakfasts, desserts, appetizers, sauces or anything for what butter is used. In this kingdom each participant could declare oneself, for example, a queen or a king of a dish – create their own profile with a title, design it in a special editor according to their taste and share in their social media. This is how they got into a castle and became true cooking experts and could win prizes from the brand.  It was also required to get registered, share the recipe you consider your signature and tell about it on your social media.

The authors of the most interesting recipes, in opinion of the jury and bloggers, received aprons with their names on them (according to the created profile with the title) and valuable prizes.